North Atlantic

Since 1955, NAI’s vertically integrated design, manufacturing and verification capabilities have been built with the intense focus of an organization that defines every action and investment based on their ability to accelerate your Time-to-Mission.
Offering a portfolio of rugged embedded COTS products, including over 70 pre-integrated modules, Multifunction I/O Boards, Single Board Computers (SBCs), Systems, and Power Supplies, NAI has built a reputation for supporting the world’s most demanding defense, commercial aerospace and industrial applications. All design, manufacturing, test and qualification occurs in their facilities in Bohemia, New York.

Brick Model 55KT1

Nano Interface Unit – NIU3A

Brick Model 55JS1

Nano Interface Unit – NIU2A

Brick Model 55JD1

Brick Model 55LS1

Brick Model 56TS1

Brick Model 56RS3

3U cPCI Model 75DS2

Brick Model 56RS1

3U cPCI Model 75C3

High Power LRU Model 56WS2-01

3U cPCI Model 75C5

6U cPCI Model 78C2

High Power LRU Model 56XS1

High Power LRU Model 56XS2

6U cPCI Model 78CS2

6U VME Model 64G5

High Power LRU Model 56WS4

6U Model VPX56H-6

6U VME Model 64CS4

6U Model VPX56H2-6

3U VPX68-3 with Optional Integrated Holdup Time

3U OpenVPX Model 68G5/68C3

6U OpenVPX Model 67G6/67C3

PCI Model 76CS3

PCI model 79C3


Model Instrument 5330A

Model Instrument 8810A

3U Model VPX57-31

3U Model VPX55H-3

3U OpenVPX SBC Model 68PPC2

3U OpenVPX Model 68PW1

3U OpenVPX SBC Model 68ARM2

3U OpenVPX SBC Model 68ARM1

3U cPCI SBC Model 75ARM1

3U cPCI SBC Model 75INT2

3U OpenVPX Sensor Interface Unit – SIU36

PCI Model 76CS3