3U OpenVPX Model 68PW1

The 68PW1 is a 3U OpenVPX SOSA-aligned (basis, Snapshot 2) single-axis PWM servo motor drive that can be configured with closed loop feedback measurement options including Hall, Resolver/Synchro or Encoder. The PWM drive provides programmable PWM output drive (up to 65 V @ 10 A continuous) from a single +28 VDC input source. Ideally suited for rugged Mil-Aero applications, the 68PW1 delivers off-the-shelf solutions that accelerate deployment of SWaP-optimized systems in air, land and sea applications.

Backround Built-In-Test (BIT)

BIT continuously monitors the status of all I/O during normal operations and is totally transparent to the user. SBC resources are not consumed while executing BIT routines. This simplifies maintenance, assures operational readiness, reduces life-cycle costs and – keeps your systems mission ready.

One-Source Efficiencies

Eliminate man-months of integration with a configured, field-proven system from NAI. Specification to deployment is a seamless experience as all design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, assembly and test are performed by one trusted source. All facilities are located within the U.S. and optimized for high-mix/low volume production runs and extended lifecycle support.

Product Lifecycle Management

From design to production and beyond, NAI’s product lifecycle management strategy ensures the long-term availability of COTS products through configuration management, technology refresh and obsolescence component purchase and storage.


  • 3U OpenVPX (ANSI/VITA 65) / SOSA Profiles Supported (P2/P3 exception): MOD3-PAY-2U2U-14.2.171, SLT3-PAY-2U2U-14.2.17, Data plane: 1 x1 PCIe (default) Control plane: 1x 1000Base-KX, p1 VPX Tyco MULTIGIG RT 3 per SOSA
  • PWM/Drive: Motor types supported – 2-phase brushed 3-phase brushless (BLDC), 28 Vin (nominal) drive power, MIL-STD-704F (18-36 VDC) 24V to 65V programmable PWM output drive, 10 A maximum (to 650 W max.), Discrete drive-enable control pins, P2/P3 TE high-current blade connectors
  • Ancillary I/O: 4x ±10V A/D, 12-bit min. (16-bit avail.), 4x ±10V D/A, 12-bit min. (16-bit avail.), 1x RS-422/485 SDLC control option, 1x RS-232 (console/debug, front I/O), 1x GbE (10/100/1000BASE-T), (control or maintenance, front I/O)
  • Feedback/Control Options: Hall, Resolver/Synchro + AC Reference, Encoder
  • IPMC Support: VITA 46.11 Tier-2, basic, compatible (configured option)
  • Power Input: +12V, ±12V AUX, +3.3V AUX, ~10 W power dissipation (est./typ.), ~96% efficient PWM Drive
  • Operating Systems (host supported): Xilinx PetaLinux, Wind River® VxWorks®, DDC-I Deos™
  • Background Built-In-Test Continuous BIT (as applicable)
  • Modular & Programmable Architecture
  • Intelligent I/O library support (included)
  • Commercial or Rugged Applications
  • Operating Temperature: Rugged: -40º C to 85º C
  • Mechanical (ANSI/VITA 48): Conduction-cooled; 3U, 1.0″ pitch, Weight: ~1.95 lbs.