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Our Vision

Since 1996, we are a proud representative and a distribution firm in the electronics field, encompassing embedded computing, display products, and motion control.

We work hard every day to match our most suitable products to our clients needs.

Aspiring for new technical solutions, focused on high-end products, which can be customized and tailor made.
Our company strives for personal care, and devotion.

The commitment and superior quality services provided over 25 years prove our long-term business relationships with our customers.

Company desire is to accelerate the world’s transition to modern and advanced technology.

Consequently, we work with the top-notch manufacturers, providing cutting-edge technology.
We welcome you to join us in this journey.

Our Vision
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Why choose us?

Standard products and custom

Each product we sell can be customized to customer needs.

Proficient knowledge

Over 35 years of field engineering has made us experts in all we do.

Personal Attention and Care

Our leverage as a small boutique company guarantees quick response to client needs.

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

Loyalty to customers is the essence of our business, every step of the way.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in doing business with our clients and suppliers.

Focus on Innovation

Our portfolio only offers leading suppliers with cutting edge technology.

280 +
product lines
50 %
customer satisfaction
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